Awakening Shakti

Get in touch with the mystical sacred feminine within you.

In this women's circle, I create a welcoming and sacred space where you can reconnect to the life giving essence of your feminine energy.


Utilizing the ancient power of ceremony and yoga, along with cutting edge healing techniques and somatic movements this classe will guide you through your empowerment journey.


It takes you along a process of deep healing and transformation of the personal and collective wounds of the feminine, allowing you to show up as an empowered women your life.


Supported by a community of likeminded ladies, walking the heroine’s path, you will be lead to get in touch with what is sacred and true within, so you can experience the intrinsic value and worthiness of your gorgeous feminine energy.


This class is designed to connect you to your body, and the power of your feminine essence so you can create a free, fulfilling, and authentic life.

Private & Small Group 

Sacred Circle



Thank you for sharing your beautiful calming energy with us. Last night was magical. You were meant to be here to lead us into love and compassion to ourselves, so we can share that with those we get in contact with. I love you, my sister 🙏🏼❤️🥰


- V.M. Laguna Niguel

It was an amazing night 💕. Thank you SO much. It really meant a lot to Lilly.


- J.W. Dana Point, CA 

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I have been able to sleep well for the last few nights and even the stomach clenching I was experiencing became weak and easy to shift out of. Also, since the ceremony I've noticed my interactions with people have become more heart-centered and connected. Thank you so very much for your amazing healing work! 


- D.L. Laguna Beach, CA