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Healing Sessions

Unlock your body's potential for health,

and well-being.

On this hour long private healing session, you will have the opportunity to share your health history along with your present health & wellness concerns with me. After clarifying your goals and intentions, you will receive your session laying comfortably on a massage table. 


I get really centered, and guide you into a more relaxed state of mind. Through a combination of structured intuition and applied kinesiology, I listen to your body to uncover the "story" behind your symptoms.


This way, we can address the multifaceted root factors causing your pain and suffering to create lasting shifts that will allow you to unlock your body's potential for health and well-being.


Our bodies truly have the ability to heal themselves. In fact, they are constantly doing that. So why do we get sick, depressed, or experience pain in certain areas of our bodies? 


An important component of imbalance is a loss of communication within the body-mind complex, usually caused by a combination of stressors that accumulate over time blocking the healing systems of the body. 


Using powerful energy healing techniques (including BodyTalk, BodyIntuitive, and Reiki), principles of western and eastern medicine, and my background as a dietitian and yoga teacher, I facilitate the release of what is blocking the healing systems of your body, so you can experience true health, clarity, peace, and joy.

Single Session $180

3-Session Package $540  $450

Long Distance Session

at the comfort of your home.

(voice or video call)

How does long distance sessions work?

In Person Session

offered during special events.

Client Testimonials

Just wanted to say that I was very tired early and slept so good, I couldn't wake up. You definitely changed something in my sleep. Also, all the symptoms of cold intensified after the session, like my body was really fighting. Today I felt completely different, and no sore throat. Thank you, Renata! You are amazing, and I really like your healing style ❤️❤️❤️


- G.L. Aliso Viejo, CA

Thank you so much for the healing session, I'm beyond grateful 🥰❤️


- L.J. Laguna Niguel, CA

Hi Renata, your work is phenomenal. My daughter (17 years old) came home the night of her session, and immediately felt a difference in her spine. She told me you released some strong patterns held there. She has been so happy and so much lighter this week. Like all the time. Whatever heavy energy she was carrying is gone. Ally (13 years old) said she's been possessed by a happy angel. Anyway, your work is too powerful and amazing, and it needs to be experienced by others. You are needed on this planet to this work. 


- L.R. Aliso Viejo, CA

Amazing transformation, and synchronicity with my mom through her session today. She is amazed about how spot on you are, and it really resonated. We thank you SO much for your contribution. 💕✨


- J.W. Dana Point, CA

Thank you so much for working with my son. Oh my goodness he was so relaxed and felt really good after your session. Wow! He kept saying I feel good.. singing lol. You're so awesome! He really does soak up everything you show him. ​

- K.Z. Aliso Viejo, CA

I'm recommending my friend come see you. My heart doesn't burn and hurt.  The physical pain has left my heart. Magic! Thank. You. You're a beautiful soul. You've helped me so much.

- T.H. Laguna Niguel, CA

Thank you again for our session yesterday... feeling a little lost but at peace at the same happy I got connected to you...the path is opening up and I am getting really excited about this journey even more!!!


- K.V. San Clemente, CA

Hello Renata!  So much has surfaced since our last session, and it has been a lengthy process of integration.  It feels as if it has began to subside and I am beginning to develop a ferocity in the direction of my Life's Work!  New strength and conviction to bringing forward what I am here to do.  I'm feeling so alive.  It will be ready for a follow up session in the coming weeks and will reach out once it aligns.  Thank you again for your work on me .  I deeply appreciate and honor you. 

Sending you a blast of love ✨✨✨💛🐉


F.J. Claremont, CA

Hi Renata, I have all my energy back, thank you. And whatever work you did on me, I feel better for it. My main feeling and intuition about the treatment you gave me is that the greater effects are still yet to come for me.


- V.P. California

I'm doing so much better and haven't had any relapses since the colonoscopy and my session with you...I am feeling so much better and stronger! My diet is pretty much back to normal again🙏🏻


- L.A.​ California

Thank you again for seeing me today. That one statement feels like it’s giving me the freedom to live up to my potential without pretense or fear or worry. That is priceless. Thank you.


- L.R. California 

I am amazed at how much more focused and productive I have been since I saw you. My digestion is improved and my breathing feels more full and connected. My lower back feels better as well. I am also sleeping better and felt peaceful when I was doing projects that I had been putting off. Thank you!


- P.A. California

Omg!!! My last scans came out clear!!! Yaaaaaa!  Thank you God!!!

I'm soooo excited!!


- T.S. California 

Hello Renata! I am feeling amazingly better lately thank YOU, that nagging lower back issue is gone! 


- G.M.​ California 

My daughter had been suffering from heavy mucus and coughing for a week. Nothing we did helped with her symptoms. Renata did a session for her and her symptoms completely disappeared in less than 48 hours! Renata’s talent, wisdom and expertise is amazing and we are faithful believers in her work !


- L.R.​ California 

Dear Papa, Thank you for your sweet angel Renata! I love the magic that you do thru her to help me transform and be the best me/we I can be... forever grateful and I cannot to share Renata with the world!!!🙏🌏🙏💙🙏😇🙏


- M.J​ San Clemente, CA

Hi Renata, just wanted to tell you how wonderful your words were this afternoon. I felt “overwhelmed” and even defeated this afternoon due to some family trauma that recently occurred. Your words were so beautiful and melodic…they helped me transition to “challenge” mode and I feel invigorated and hopeful again. Thank you!


- J.H. California

Thank you again for working with me yesterday. I felt much better today. I noticed I had less obsessive thoughts. I suffer from obsessive thoughts and fears and fighting through them, it’s exhausting! You are extremely precise when discovering where the disconnect is in the body, today the two halves feel more connected, thank you!

I appreciate your kindness and look forward to seeing you soon!


- Julie, California 

Just wanted to thank you again for your availability on Sat. Renata!  It really helped me-  I could tell my head cleared up, and it helped calm me on our drive to PA yesterday...  🙏🏻😘 I’m hoping our next session I’ll be able to address these digestive issues...  👏🏻💪🏻

- L.B. California 


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