- Cortices -

Brain Reset Technique 

This is a simple and effective technique to reset, balance, and optimize your brain function. 

You can use it when you need a quick reboot of your nervous system, when you are experiencing stress, low energy levels, insomnia, anxiety, or overwhelm. You can also use this technique to boost your brain function by creating coherence between all parts of your brain, calming the nervous system, and improving circulation within your brain.

- Ho'oponopono -

Find Peace in Conflict

What do you do when a situation triggers you, and you don't want your words and actions to make

things even worse?

In this video I'm sharing with you a practice that facilitates the clearing of the programming you have that contributes to the creation of that situation.


With these simple four phrases, you will be clearing limiting belief systems, past memories, and emotional charges that create distress and conflict in your life.


This practice is a traditional Hawaiian practice called Ho'oponopono (with means correction). Through this practice you are correcting the error in perceptions, distortions created by your mind's filters. In the light of a new perspective, you see the situation from a different angle and the situation changes.


So here we go:

1. Connect to your heart space of a Divine source of love.

2. Bring the situation to mind. Notice YOUR experience of the situation.

(This is not about anything outside of you. This is about clearing your old programing.)

3. Repeat the phrases: "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love." as many times as needed to feel a shift. I invite you to practice this simple and effective clearing technique, and experience for yourself its benefits.