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Online Cacao Ceremony

Embark on a heart-centered sacred journey of

self-discovery, emotional release and spiritual awakening

Cacao Preparation

Begin your journey with detailed guidance on how to prepare your ceremonial cacao.


I will teach you everything you need to know about ceremonial cacao, from choosing the highest quality cacao available to preparing the most delicious ceremonial cacao with ingredients that can support your intentions for your ceremony. 


     101 Guide to Help You Choose Your Cacao

     Step-by-Step Sacred Cacao Preparation

     Ceremonial Cacao Recipes 

     Picking the Right Spices for Your Intentions

Creating Sacred Space

I will help you be fully prepared to embark on this sacred journey by teaching you all about the important elements of creating a sacred space that will facilitate the most beautiful and profound ceremony.

     Preparing Your Heart

     Ceremonial Mind

     Cleansing Your Space

     Creating a Sacred Space 


Heart Healing
Properties of Cacao

You will dive into the heart-opening and healing properties of ceremonial cacao, and experience practices that align your body, mind, and souls.


This journey will support you release emotional blockages or limitations that may be holding you from your true and authentic expression.


     Sacred Intention Prayer

     Healing Properties of Cacao

     Heart coherence Breathing

     Heart Expansion Guided Meditation


You will journey through the energy centers of the body as we work with chanting frequencies to activate and clear your chakras, restoring balance and harmony to your energetic system.


Through visualization and intention, we invite the healing energy of cacao to flow freely, igniting your inner light and restoring vitality to your being.

     Chakra Activation Journey

     Breath & Visualization Clearing

     Chakra Sacred Syllables Chant

Chakra Activation


Surrender & Release

Release tension, blockages and stagnant energy from your body with a gentle somatic release practices.


Experience the profound peace and clarity that comes from surrendering, allowing the healing energy of cacao to wash over you in waves of divine love and acceptance.

     Gentle Somatic Release

     Surrender Practice

     Heart-Centered Journaling

Alchemy Sound Healing

You will be immersed in our transformative sound healing journey.


Allow the soothing, and alchemical vibrations of sacred instruments to wash away any remaining resistance, leaving you feeling grounded, centered, and fully aligned with your highest self.

     Alchemy Sound Healing Journey


Learn the sacred preparation of ceremonial cacao 

Discover the elements of creating a sacred space

Establish heart coherence with a guided breathing practice

Expand your heat field through a guided meditation

Clear & activate your chakras with chanting journey

Let go & release through surrendering practices

Align & integrate as you immerse yourself in a healing sound journey 

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