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Every cacao ceremony, sound healing journey, women's group, workshop, and retreat experience has been crafted to offer you a nurturing, beautiful, and safe space for you to reconnect to yourself and get in touch with your inner truth and light.

2024 Recalibration

& Sound Healing Workshop 

January 7th, 2-5 PM


Come join me on a journey... I will guide you through my year mapping process to help you find your true north, utilize your inner wisdom, and awaken your purpose. 


We will gather at an elegant hall surrounded by a gorgeous garden. You will get to connect to other like-minded beings, have the opportunity to integrate the work sipping some tea at the garden, and immerse yourself into a sea of alchemical frequencies through my sound healing bath.


I would love to have you there. Click below to learn more...

Brazil Retreat

Chapada dos Vendeiros 
Ashyiana Brasil

September 29th - October 6th 

Join me for a week of adventure and transformation in the heart of Brazil. 

More Info coming soon....

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