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Oi, I'm Renata.
It is a pleasure connecting with you.

About Us

Can you imagine being able to live at ease with yourself and the world, expressing the brilliance of your true essence?

I’m an energy healer, transformational guide, and mindfulness teacher dedicated to helping you live a radiant and authentic life.

Your authentic essence longs to be expressed in the world!



That longing is as unstoppable as the force expanding the universe and all its creation.  The amount of energy you need to expert to resist that force is enormous and a huge burden to your system. 


This resistance creates a lot of tension and imbalances in the body that can be experienced as physical pain, auto-immune disorders, neurological disturbances, learning disabilities, inflammation, cancer, hormonal imbalances, reproductive issues and gut disorders.


They can also contribute to psycho-emotional imbalances like anxiety, social isolation, panic attacks and depression to name a few.


Your ability to release your resistance, align with your essence and create a life that supports the expression of your authentic self determines the level of health, freedom, peace, fulfillment and joy you experience. 


I believe suffering comes from errors of perception. 

The resistance we build against the flow of life, health and vibrancy is anchored in errors of perception.  Based on experiences that lacked secure emotional attachment, the child forgets about the innocence and preciousness of their essence and starts believing false assumptions about themselves and the world.

It feels safer for the child to project all the lack they experience onto themselves than accept the limitations of their caregivers, so they develop a harsh inner critic and toxic shame. The child trades their authentic essence for complex coping mechanisms in an attempt to feel worthy, lovable and safe. In adulthood that is expressed as tension, depression, anxiety, addictions, overwhelm and anguish, contributing to an array of disease processes. 

It is such a tragedy to see radiant, glorious expressions of Source, living as slaves of fear and anxiety, full of self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness. 


We need to change that!

We need to go to the dark places where we have hidden our wounds and turn on the light, so truth can shine and correct the distortions of our minds.

I’m here to guide your awakening journey, help you shift your suffering to peace and turn your pain into fertile soil for your blossoming. 

Your symptoms are not your actual problem, but they point to the root causes of your imbalances and suffering.


To create true and lasting change, we CAN’T address your symptoms as if they were the cause of your problems. We need to listen to what they are actually trying to tell you about yourself and your approach to life, and transform the origin of your pain. Usually hidden in the subconscious and dark places of the psych, it reveals a unique story that allows you to understand, correct and transcend the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual root causes of your imbalances.

Through my private healing sessions, sacred ceremonies, alchemy sound healings and guided healing journeys, I lead you along on a transformative healing process to re-pattern your body and mind to the radiance of your true essence.

So, how did I get to this holistic and intuitive approach to health?


My fascination for the human body-mind and its potential, led me to complete my Registered Dietitian certification in Brazil and move to the US for my Masters in Holistic Nutrition. 


Having been passionate about a multitude of healing modalities, mindfulness and spiritual approaches has given me a broader understanding of the interconnectedness between soul-body-mind and a comprehensive picture on how health truly works. 

Today, I integrate a diverse array of modalities, including BodyTalk, BodyIntuitive, somatic release, energy work, sound healing, frequency attunement, and Reiki, combined with principles of yoga, psychology, IFS, parts therapy, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and modern medicine - intuitively tailoring my approach to personalize your sessions.


Whether you're experiencing emotional imbalances, childhood or generational trauma, C-PTSD, reproductive issues, neurological disorders, learning disabilities or attention difficulties, autoimmune conditions, digestive problems, relationship challenges, or lack of purpose and motivation, I'm here to help you uncover the root causes and break free from limiting patterns.


Let’s work together on your holistic healing journey. Book a private session to explore the profound healing that comes from addressing all aspects of your being. 

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Yoga Classes

Surrender yoga


 A slow, yin-yoga practice designed to mindfully release tension from your body and mind.


You will experience deep stretching postures, while being guided into a meditative state.


Yoga Experiences

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Healing Sessions

Private healing session, designed to uncover and shift the root causes of your symptoms, so you can restore your body to a state of health and well-being.

Using cutting edge energy medicine techniques, this sessions address your body, mind, and spirit for an integrative healing experience. 

Long Distance Sessions


at the comfort of your home

(Voice call or video call, according to your preference)

In Person Sessions

(Special Events)

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Sacred Ceremonies

A welcoming and sacred space where you will be lead to get in touch with what is sacred and true within, so you can experience your intrinsic beauty, value, and worthiness.

Most ceremonies offer a sound healing journey created by the powerful vibrations of alchemy crystal bowls, and sacred medicine melodies.

Offered at different locations in South Orange County.

Private Group

Sacred Circle

Contact me to request a private, or small group sacred circle experience.

Tel: 949-510-8609


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