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I'm Renata,

Energy and sound healer, 

yoga teacher, 

dedicated to helping you achieve your potential for health and well-being.

It is such a pleasure to meet you!

I was born in Brazil. In fact, I'm the first generation to be born in our capital - Brasília. Both my grandfathers went there to build "the new capital", and our family became pioneers of this beautiful city.


I have always been fascinated with the human body, mind, and soul. I couldn't figure out if I wanted to become a MD, psychiatrist, or priestess... So I went with registered dietitian, which I completed in my home country.

During my college years, I dove deep into my spirituality. I connected to my first, and most beloved spiritual guide/master. It was a time that woke up my love for meditation, mysticism, and divine connection.


Somewhere way deep in myself I know that this connection to divinity, Universe, God, Something higher and bigger than us, is fundamental for balance, health, peace, and sustainable joy.

Even with so much connection to Brazil, I moved to the US in my young adult years to further my studies on the body-mind connection. At this point I had realized that nutrition is crucial for health, but it was far from the whole picture for optimal health and well-being. 

So I sought after a credible program that would teach me a more holistic approach to understanding the body and mind. During the process of applying for different programs, I had a gorgeous baby that shaped my plans, and my changed life! I was able to complete a two year MS in Holistic Nutrition, between naps, diapers, and nursing the little miracle in my life. 

I taught nutrition in a college in Colorado for a while, and offered nutrition counseling at stablished health care facilities in CA & CO. That is about when I had my second son. Two little kids, and an immense amount of passion for healing using from heart...


I was still searching for a healing modality beyond conventional wisdom, to address the body-mind-soul connection.  

After exploring a multitude of healing modalities, I found the BodyTalk System. An integrative healing modality that combines principles from Eastern and Western medicine, along with Ayurvedic principles, Chiropractic concepts, and a deep understanding of how consciousness affects the body and the mind. 


As you can imagine, I was in healing heaven!!! 

I spent as much time I as could, getting my hands on anyone that would be willing to explore my new healing techniques. I got certified as a BodyTalk Practitioner, moved from Colorado to California, and continued studying all the advanced courses in the field. 

I opened my private healing practice in Southern California, and am deeply honored and grateful to all the amazing humans that open their hearts and minds to work with me.


We go deep, we dissolve old beliefs and limitations, we crack through unconscious unhealthy patterns. We create heart-brain coherence, we restore the body to a more balanced state of physical, emotional, phycological, and spiritual health.  





So much love...

In my own spiritual journey - through the path of becoming more and more authentic and aligned with my heart and dharma -  I came to realize that my marriage was no longer serving my highest purpose.


I chose love, which meant leaving the marriage and going though my own metamorphosis. More love! Always more love...

Yoga became a huge part of my transformational process. Really, a process of empowerment and liberation ignited by the relentless drive to heal myself, and offer the most powerful healing energy to anyone that comes to me.  

I got two 200hrs. teacher trainings, because my heart said yes both times (I tend to jump all in when that happens). Yoga is my beloved community

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