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Bonfire Cacao Ceremony

Bring Your Soul Friends to Play Around the Fire, and Enjoy Heart-to-heart Connections


Bonfire Circle

There is nothing like a beautiful settin

Embody the Highest Version of Yourself 

You will get to integrate your Year Mapping process sipping a cup of tea in a beautiful garden, as you embody the highest version of yourself you will tap into.


Sound Healing Journey

We will close your year mapping process with a sound healing journey, where you will be immersed into a sea of high vibrations created by Alchemy Crystal Bowls, and channeled energy frequencies through sound.

Join Us!

Your presence in our workshop to is a gift us and to everyone that is going to be there.

Date: January 7th

Time: 2-5 PM

Investment: $65

St. Mary's Episcopal Church

428 Park Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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